AirShim combines power, versatility with accuracy, speed

AirShim combines power, versatility with accuracy, speed

Calculated Industries will present AirShim, an inflatable pry bar and leveling tool that enables a worker to move, adjust or support objects up to 300 pounds by themselves, at IWF 2018.

Designed to help professionals install and level windows, doors, cabinets and appliances, the AirShim is a contractor-grade inflatable air wedge that can replace pry bars, wooden shims and other lifting or adjusting tools. However, users of the AirShim have already found a number of other uses for the product including spreading calipers to change brakes or using it in place of a felling wedge on a tree. Others have used it in fixing equipment, building furniture, adjusting HVAC, setting plumbing, positioning joists, leveling countertops and mantels, situating bathroom fixtures and more, according to the company.

“The AirShim’s ability to lift shift level and align make it a versatile tool that is a must have in everyone’s toolbox,” Steve Kennedy, president of Calculated Industries, said in a statement. “Plus, using the AirShim enables a single worker to do jobs where it used to take two which is priceless.”

For more, visit booth 732 at IWF 2018.

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