Biesse has strategies to help achieve your objectives

Biesse will have a 27,000-sq.-ft. booth at IWF 2018, offering the widest range of CNC machines ever displayed in North America, according to the company.

“Everywhere you look, you’ll see solutions designed to meet your market challenges head on,” the company said in a statement. “You may be wrestling with how to address current labor shortages. Or trying to find ways to produce more without increasing floor space. Or working to minimize maintenance and choose machines with standardized components to reduce your cost of ownership. In all those cases and more, Biesse has strategies to help you achieve your objectives now.”

“If you think the Industry 4.0 concept is only a reality for big companies, spending time with Biesse will convince you otherwise,” says Cesare Magnani, Biesse brand sales manager. “There’s no reason for small- and medium-sized companies to sit on the sidelines, especially when a shortage of skilled labor is impacting the industry as never before. The interconnectivity of ‘Automaction’ is for everyone.”

“On the show floor in Atlanta this year, you’ll see Biesse’s largest number of CNC machines ever displayed at IWF, covering a complete range of solutions and applications,” the company said. “You can experience everything from stand-alone machines to fully integrated solutions, and from vertical CNCs to five-axis machines to CNC contouring edge banders and flexible drilling solutions.”

“In addition to watching how new machines and integrated solutions can change the way you work, you will be able to interact with experts who are dedicated to working with you to find the best, most efficient way to reach your production targets,” Magnani says.

“Biesse has always been known for introducing cutting-edge technology and exclusive innovation. This year is no different,” the company continued. “At IWF, new applications you’ll see in our booth include completely automated panel processing solutions with demonstrations of automatic kitting of components via a robot placed at the end of a nesting cell. Although similar applications have been introduced elsewhere in the past, it’s clear that Biesse has greatly enhanced operational efficiency to create a true production solution.”

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For more, visit booth 7553 at IWF 2018.

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