Southworth Products has hydraulic lift tables

Southworth Products has hydraulic lift tables

Backsaver Lite Lifts from Southworth Products are designed for applications involving loads of 500 to 1,500 pounds. They are available in three basic configurations: Stationary, Portable with DC power and Compacts with extended vertical travel in a small footprint.

“Backsaver Lite Lifts come loaded with user-friendly, performance enhancing standard features, including oversized low-pressure hydraulics, fully adjustable down speed, fast raising and lowering, lubricated-for-life pins, rollers and bushings, heavy duty torque tubes which minimize deflection, tell-tale return hydraulic fluid line, full width straight through axles for increased stability, heavy duty hoses and built-in safety chocks,” the company said in a statement.

“Backsaver Lite Compact allows for high-performance industrial lifting in very tight spaces, with footprints as small as 12” x 24”. Its double scissor mechanism provides a full 36” of lifting height. Backsaver Lite Portable features 5” phenolic coasters for almost effortless movement between work areas and is DC powered with push-button lift control.”

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For more, visit booth 7714 at IWF 2018.

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